In the summer of 2012, I was introduced to a new passion: volunteering with a puppy rescue here in Washington state. I started the usual way: donating as much as I could afford to help rescue these little pups. But it wasn’t long before I took that to the next level.

Since I own a camera, I contacted the rescue (Georgia Peaches Puppy Rescue) and volunteered to help them by taking pictures of the puppies. I figured that it would be far easier to find homes for these little fur balls if they weren’t shown locked up in a cage at the shelter.

My work with the Peaches consists of taking photos of the dogs when they first arrive in Seattle, as well as when they are getting puppy training, and, when possible, in their new homes. This creates a story, a puppy trail, going from ‘shelter puppy’ to ‘rescued’ and ‘loved’ puppy.

Working with the Georgia Peaches has also opened the way for me to adopt my first rescue dog. It’s wonderful how a hobby and personal passion can lead to so much fun and happiness.

To see pictures of these wonderful puppies, please visit my gallery.

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