Open Cup Threepeat

Three Open Cup wins in a row! What a fantatic Tuesday evening!

Props to Freedy for keeping a cool head and tapping in the game winner. However, I have to say that the goal Oswaldo Alonso put in was ne of the more masterful plays I’ve seen since I started attending Sounders matches. The way he fought to keep that ball, watching the goalie dive to save a kick that didn’t happen, muscling through two defenders, and then making a phenomenal shot at what can only be described as a “difficult angle” after he had already run past the post… I’d put that as a Goal of the Week!

The team today was the team I’ve been looking for for the last month and a half. Strong offense, strong defense. Trapping the ball, directing the passes (with a few small flubs), and enough shots on goal to make the level of excitement and anticipation in the croud reach all-time highs. To see Kasey making amazing saves to keep the game a shutout (tacos for everybody!) was also a great highlight.

This will go down as one of my favorite games of all time. So many firsts for me. My first Open Cup, my first Open Cup win, my first Sounders record breaking (largest crowd ever to attend an Open Cup match). I’m sure there are other firsts in there somewhere, but at the moment I’m still just giddy over the night.

Even without a visit to Tat’s Deli.

Go Sounders.

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