I find myself in the midst of multiple hobbies these days. Photographer, Puppy Rescuer, Reader, Gamer, Expired-TV-Watcher. If I blogged a little more often, I suppose I could add “Blogger” to that list. But it seems, lately, the foremost among these is “Puppy Rescuer”.

The Georgia Peaches got some new puppies in a couple weeks ago. Pictures ensued. The puppies were too cute, and the pictures came out nice… but I spent the whole time thinking about another puppy.

My wife and I had received  notification that morning (Saturday, Feb 23, 2013) that we were approved to adopt Humphrey Bogart. Now before you start telling me Bogey is dead, please remember this is about puppies. Humphrey Bogart, or, as we tried, and failed, to rename him, “Bo”, is a one and a half year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, of the Blenheim color variety. And about thirty-seven kinds of cute in one tiny package.

“Bo”, it turns out, is actually named “Basil” (Thank you, previous owner…), and he answers to it, so Joann and I decided it was best to let him keep that name. He’s snuggly, and bouncy, and his tail is a non-stop flag that seems to always be at full-mast. He loves lap time, loves fetch time, loves walk time… In fact, he pretty much just seems to love. Everything.

So Basil (hereinafter to be thought of as “Basil RathBONE”) is awesome, and photogenic. And we love him, possibly as much as he seems to love us. And, some day, we hope the other grrs will love him too. Time will tell.

Basil was abandoned at the Vet by his previous owner, to be thought of hereafter as “The Orphanage Caretaker”, because he had some pretty nasty gastro-intestinal issues. His little life had been hard on top of that with some breathing problems, and some serious infections. Apparently she decided she just couldn’t take care of him, or afford him, or care for him, and she left him at the Vet.

Well, this would normally make me angrier than a roadie with no gaff tape, but since we adopted him and brought him home, I can’t be angry. He’s just that amazing.

But the little fur monster is also a carrier for whatever hells were blazing through him, and so Mokey and Ziggy have been on the pill (antibiotics) for the last week, to get rid of the ick they caught from him. Naughty puppy! They seem on the mend, however, so all is a-OK.

So, we are now a three-dog-home.

  1. Mokey T. Fraggle (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Black & Tan)
  2. Sigrid “Ziggy” Leyna (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Tri-Color)
  3. Basil RathBONE (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Blenheim)

Happiness follows.

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