That Daily Feeling

I work. 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Well, technically, it’s really 47 weeks a year, given my PTO, but the point is still roughly the same.

I go to work, I check my email, I eat breakfast, and then I code.

What does it all mean? It means I’m busy, but only within the realm of normality. I don’t eat, sleep, and dream Code. Thankfully.

Yesterday had a nice chunk of ‘interesting’. I wrote a stored procedure… Wait. You don’t know what a stored procedure is?

Well, I’m not explaining it, because it will either bore you to tears, or point out how little I know about my job. Suffice it to say that a stored procedure is just a chunk of database code that does something you tell it to. That’ll do for now.

So, I wrote this stored procedure, and it will either be classified as ‘dangerous’ or ‘brilliant and helpful’. It figures out if the indices within a database need to be rebuilt or reorganized, and then does it. Handy if all goes according to plan. Disastrous if something goes awry.

Well, sure, I tested it. I’m not a complete moron. It worked great.

But this is about That Daily Feeling.

I come in, eat breakfast, check email, code. And on Fridays, I hope that time will decide to flow faster for 8 or so hours. I like being home, relaxing, spending time with my wife, and getting far too many kisses from my puppies. And there’s a Sounders game this weekend. It’ll be a good weekend.

If this day can just come to a close.

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