He’s Big, He’s Tall…

He’s a mother!@#$ing wall!

That’s right. Kasey Keller is the news of the moment. He’s doing a signing this weekend (The first one of the Season!), down in Federal Way.

“But Paul, where can I go to be part of this amazing event?!?”, you might ask.

Well, I’m feeling nice, so I’ll tell you. Just don’t get in line in front of me, or there will be a Red Card.

URL: http://www.soundersfc.com/News/Events/2011/08/110828-Keller-at-ATT.aspx
Location: Federal Way AT&T
Gateway Plaza
2420 S. 320th St.
Federal Way, WA 98003
Time: Sunday, August 28th from 2pm-3:30pm
Event: Signing and Photo Op

Bring your Sounders schwag, shirts, posters, baby bibs, soccer balls, and anything else you can hold up for a picture or think will hold a signature for years to come.

If you’re really smart, bring two Sharpies as well. Black and Silver work best.

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