So I’m almost done with the third season of Eureka.

I’ve fallen in love with another science fiction show that is doomed. First, it was Firefly, and now Eureka. Both cancelled, and both incredible pieces of television.

One of the greatest things about Eureka? Matt Frewer. Max Headroom himself. The White Knight! (Really? You don’t remember him in that two-part mini series, Alice? WATCH it! He was awesomeness!)

Anyway, I am coming to the last episode (it’s next!) and I find that I want to see the last two seasons… But of course, they aren’t on Netflix. Where are they? On iTunes. 99 cents per episode… Do I do it?

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  1. Paul says:

    I was wrong. It’s not $0.99 an episode. It’s $1.99 for SD, and $2.99 for HD. Those bastards. But I started into Season 4, and it’s awesome.

    Rule number one: Don’t muck about with time!

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