Football/Soccer expression referring to an amazing o improbable goal.

Why do I start off with that term? The Seattle Sounders vs FC Dallas game _almost_ had one. A beautiful series of passes resulted in Freddy Montero (someone I’m very rarely in favor of) attempting an astounding Bicycle Kick (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bicycle_kick). HIs form was dead on, and he went for the full kick (almost landed on his noggin’). He shot about a yard wide, but it was the best form and attempt he’s made all season. And he does it a lot.

Freddy usually annoys the bejesus out of me, but in the past few games he’s managed to start playing better and better. I blame Mauro Rosales.

Rosales seems to make those around him play better soccer. I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if he was chosen as the new captain after Kasey Keller retires.

So, the first half ends at 1:0, Seattle v Dallas.

Go Sounders!

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