It’s the Final Countdown

Today’s EOB (End of Business) will mark the start of a week’s vacation. The fam are loading up the truck and heading into the hills! Well – Heading to the ocean, actually. You know… The Big Blue Wet Thing.

The plan is to stay at this nice little cottage by the shore, and forget the world exists beyond what we can see.

Work? Ceased to be.
Seattle? A dark spot in the memory.
Highways? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.

There will be wifi, which is good – a week without internets could possibly kill us. We’d be found huddled in the corner, drooling and making “typing” motions with our twitching fingers, occasionally saying “El Oh El” and giggling.

I’m taking my camera bag, tripod, iPad, and Kindle, as well as two fold-’em-up chairs. We’re packing up the dogs, a pic-a-nic basket, a cooler, and enough clothes to be decent. Everything else is dead weight! Aside from food and necessities, that is.

I am planning to try to take at least one good set of night shots. It should be interesting. I’ll most likely muck it up and wind up with a really great scenario in a really black picture. Too bad you can’t make prints of your memory.

I’ll be reading up on awesome things like “Taking great pictures at night” and “How to get a great shot of your dog”.

Suggestions are welcome.

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