Epic Fog

We were going to be at the shores of the Pacific Ocean. There would be waves. There would be great, crashing, frothy waves. There would be amazing sunsets, amazing sunrises, and by god… amazing night starry photo opportunities. I would come home with some !@#$ing amazing photographs. That’s right: Photographs. Not “holiday snaps.” Not “vacation pictures.” PHOTOGRAPHS.

And then the Fog rolled in. Have you ever taken a picture in a fog so dense you could see maybe 50 feet? A fog so white that in the day time, it was blinding? Neither have I.

Until Now.

I tried. I lowered shutter speeds. I raised shutter speeds. I increased F-Stop. I decreased F-Stop. I bumped up the ISO. I dropped the ISO. I zoomed in. I zoomed out. I went wide angle. I went macro. The sum total of the shots were a lot of white, a little light gray, a lot of dark gray, and two dogs playing on the beach. It wasn’t “horrible”, but it wasn’t “Dear god, man! That’s astounding!”

And then, for one brief, shining moment, the sun burned through. The fog rolled nearly a half mile out to sea. The beaches were clear, and the water was blue. The sand was… well, sand colored. I was going to take a picture. I turned away, I turned back – and there was the fog. With a vengeance.

I have pictures. With a massive amount of photo post-processing, I might even get a photograph from them. Time will tell. I’ll post again when I know.

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