Burn, Destroy, Wreck, and Kill!

Seattle Sounders rocked the Community Shield against Jaguares from Mexico.

The first half ran fairly slow. There was a lot of action up and down the field, resulting in no gains for either side. That said, the first half was a great showing for two of our newest members: Michael Gspurning, and Adam Johannson. Our new keeper was damned well not going to let anything past him in this, his first game in Seattle. And our new defender showed himself to be a solid fighter and running blocker, owning his patch of the pitch 100%.

And then the second half got going. True to Sounder form, the lads came out in the second 45 a stronger team than they went into the locker room at the end of the first 45. They were tighter on the ball, tighter on the passes, and in general a more solid team.

At the 61st minute, Freddy Montero showed the magic that he’s capable of, fighting the crowd at the goal to put one in the net. Only 12 short minutes later, another solid Freddy shot put another in the back of the net, for the final goal of the game.

But the Jaguares were not down for the count. They made a solid rally, and took ownership, dragging the ball decisively down field for their best attempt of the game… But they didn’t count on the 6’5″ Cerberusian giant in the box. Gspurning made the save of the game, and made it look contemptuously easy.

This game bodes well for the season to come, and I, for one, can’t wait for the opening day on the pitch!

Burn. Destroy. Wreck and kill!
Seattle Sounders surely will!

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